How Should You Be Marketing Your Telehealth Services?

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The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people exist and function in almost unimaginable ways. As a result, many things we considered normal have changed – one of which is the preference for virtual meetings over physical ones.

This has, in turn, opened the door for many businesses to go online, including healthcare organisations and the medical industry. This article will also discuss everything telehealth: what is it, why it’s essential, and how your clinic can leverage its benefits!

Table of Contents:

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is defined as the means of providing healthcare via telecommunications technology. In essence, it is the modern-day method of offering much-needed healthcare services. Doctors can interact and consult with patients virtually. Telehealth brings with it the advantage of being able to provide healthcare across long distances. 

Why Is Telehealth Important to My Clinic?

So why is telehealth so crucial to your clinic or healthcare organisation? We will explore some of these reasons in the rest of this article. 

Telehealth allows you to cater to new patients who may have never had the opportunity to know of your clinic. This allows you the chance to not only touch more patients’ lives but to convert them into returning, long-term patients. 

Additionally, you will be given a chance to create a robust and healthy online presence for your clinic or healthcare organisation through the continued use of telehealth services. This presents you the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition by placing your clinic where potential patients are looking. 

Lastly, telehealth aids you in providing a more convenient patient journey. Without the need to be physically present, patients have access to you and the healthcare they require from the comfort of their own homes. 

How Can I Introduce Telehealth to My Clinic?

After understanding how big of an opportunity telehealth is and the benefits it brings to you and your clinic, you now need to understand the best way to introduce telehealth to your healthcare organisation. 

Rethink Your Clinic’s Marketing Strategy

The most basic method your clinic can utilise to introduce telehealth to patients is to align your marketing campaigns with this common goal in mind. One simple way you can achieve this is to restructure your website to accommodate a telehealth option. 

You may want to consider adding a section to your homepage or menu bar indicating the option of telehealth. Explain how patients should interact with it to be able to enjoy the benefits of virtual consultation and when it is applicable. 

Additionally, consider reaching out to telehealth platforms that function with the patients’ convenience in mind. Joining a group of doctors and clinics that offer telehealth services makes you accessible to potential patients who require your services. 

What Services Can My Clinic Provide Via Telehealth?

The next question you should be tackling is what types of telehealth services can my clinic provide?

  • Virtual Appointments & Consultations 

The most basic telehealth service practitioners can provide to patients is virtual appointments and consultations. This is where you can meet with your patients through video calls and speak with them about the symptoms they may be facing. 

Virtual appointments and consultations allow your patients the opportunity to seek medical attention without the requirement of them being physically present in your clinic. 

Additionally, should you require to examine the patient physically, a follow-up appointment can always be scheduled. However, initial care can be administered. 

  • Remote Monitoring 

The following method by which your clinic can utilise telehealth is by offering remote monitoring to patients. This can be done by checking in with patients, their symptoms, and vital statistics such as heart rate. 

You may also want to make use of a fitness band or smartwatch to allow you to view these numbers remotely. 

  • Patient Portal

If you are looking to up the ante and take your clinic’s telehealth services to the next level, consider investing in creating a patient portal for your patients. 

This patient portal can offer various services to your patients, such as the option to refill prescriptions, submit test reports online, and have regular check-ins with you. 

How Can I Convert the Patients in My Clinic for Telehealth?

It would be best if you now were considering how you can take your existing patients and get them comfortable with the idea of telehealth. While the pandemic allowed for the introduction of the concept, some patients may require a bit more convincing. 

You can do this by familiarising them with the concept of telehealth and its benefits, such as the absence of needing them to be physically present and that they can receive medical care right from their homes. 

How Can I Use Telehealth to Better Care for My Patients?

There are many ways your clinic can utilise telehealth and its benefits to better care for patients as it allows you to optimise your processes. With the help of a telehealth portal, you can be in multiple places at once – in the sense that you can provide medical attention to patients regardless of location. 

A telehealth portal and remote monitoring also allow you to keep tabs on your patients and their conditions. This means that care does end once they leave your clinic – something that was difficult to do before the rise of telehealth services. 


In conclusion, telehealth is changing the way doctors see and treat patients. With telehealth, you are able to improve patient outcomes and be precisely where patients need you to be.

Using the insights mentioned here, you can take your clinic to the next level by optimising the way your clinic functions while at the same time increasing the quality of care which you are able to give to your patients.