Why the Patients in Your Clinic Should Be Your Priority

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As a clinic or healthcare organisation, you want to make yourself available to patients who are in need of your services and treatment. This often means taking various measures towards marketing your clinic.

However, this should not mean that you end up neglecting the patients who have already found your clinic. Patient satisfaction goes a long way towards patient loyalty and the possibility of word-of-mouth marketing.

Table of Contents:

How Does Patient Satisfaction Impact Your Clinic?

Patient satisfaction acts as a critical parameter of the quality of healthcare at a clinic because it gives statistics on said provider’s fulfilment of a patient’s expectations.

When considering patient satisfaction and how it impacts your clinic or healthcare organisation, there are several factors you should take into consideration. We will explore some of these factors in this article. 

  • Building Loyalty

Building patient loyalty is something that all clinics and healthcare organisations should aim to achieve. You can do this by ensuring patient satisfaction. A satisfied patient is more likely to choose you again.

  • Attracting New Patients

With the competition that exists today amongst healthcare organisations, putting yourself where your patients can reach you is of utmost importance. You want your patients to see you as the solution to their problems. 

As mentioned, building loyalty through patient satisfaction also works towards attracting new patients through word-of-mouth marketing. A patient happy with your treatment will be more likely to recommend you to a family or friend. 

  • Improving Clinical Outcomes

Studies indicate that there is an immediate correlation between patient satisfaction and a patient’s likelihood of sticking to their treatment plan—a trusted medical team results in improved clinical outcomes. 

How Can You Keep the Patients in Your Clinic Happy?

Here are some ways you can keep the patients who are in your clinic happy: 

  •  Share the Power of a Smile

Remember, your patients are most likely experiencing a less than pleasant day if they are in need of medical assistance. The simplest of gestures, such as a smile, can ease some of the anxiety they are enduring. Your smile suggests that you are eager to help them when they need it the most.

  • Be a Good Listener

Your job is to put your patients on the road to recovery. To do this, you need to understand the issue they are facing. Being a good listener will allow you to get this information in the quickest way possible. 

Additionally, your patients will grow to feel at ease and comfortable around you. A patient who trusts you is less likely to withhold information from you. A patient who trusts you is also more likely to recommend you to someone they know. 

  • Address Patients by Their Names

Making an effort to remember someone’s name and address them accordingly goes a long way. Your patients will recognise that you are genuinely concerned about their health and wellbeing. 

Additionally, it makes you and your clinic staff more personable, which many often look out for when choosing their primary healthcare provider. 

  • Know How to Handle Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes may arise in your clinic from time to time. You and your clinic staff must be prepared to handle and resolve any conflict that comes your way. By learning to settle disputes calmly and professionally, you are showing your patients you have their best interests in mind and are working to the best of your ability. 

Remember, your patients are probably not feeling their best and may lose their cool occasionally. However, having said that, neither you nor your staff should be subject to abuse. If a patient becomes violent, do not hesitate to seek the necessary help. 

How Can I Train My Clinic Staff to Prioritise the Patients in My Clinic?

Your clinic staff and medical team should be taught to work towards a common agenda, helping your patients. However, within this common goal, there are steps that you can take to make a patient’s time with you as pleasant and smooth as possible. 

Here are some tips to making the patient journey in your clinic a seamless one. 

  • Focus on Effective Communication

Clear, concise communication reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and potential disputes. Be direct with your patients with regards to things like waiting times and cost. If a particular staff member is unsure, ensure that they direct the patient towards a more senior member of your team. 

Your patients will always appreciate your clinic staffs ability to communicate information clearly and directly. 

  • Prioritise Teamwork

Your clinic staff are usually the primary individual who comes into contact with patients. They are often the first and last people to speak to your patients in your clinic. 

Cooperation and communication within your medical team ensures that accurate instructions and information are given to your patients. This also optimises your patient’s journey within your healthcare organisation or clinic. 

  • Cleanliness

While frequent disinfection and overall cleanliness are given within healthcare organisations and clinics, going the extra mile to make the space inviting can go a long way with patient satisfaction. 


In short, while you want to take the necessary steps towards reaching new patients, the patients within your clinic should be your first priority. Simple changes to your clinic or healthcare organisation can significantly impact patient satisfaction.

With increased patient satisfaction, you also achieve improved clinical outcomes, patient loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.

If you are unsure about where to begin training your clinic staff, Cleveraa will be happy to help. Drop us a message and let us know how we can help make an impact on your clinic.