How Can Your Clinic Use Facebook Videos?

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The modern world is changing faster than you think. We used to consume content from newspapers and books, but now we have shifted towards various social media channels and videos. 

One’s online presence as a clinic or a local business is crucial in today’s times because that makes you accessible to millions of consumers who are actively searching for your services. 

If you are looking to market your clinic in today’s world, where the average attention span is decreasing, your best bet would be to use Facebook videos to promote your service. That is precisely what we are going to discuss today.

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How do Facebook Videos Help With My Clinic Marketing Strategy?

The old idea of advertising through newspapers and print media is gradually losing its impact in the modern world. Today, if you want to market your clinic effectively, Facebook videos will be the way to go. Let us explain why: 

  • Facebook is cheaper: Facebook doesn’t charge you a penny to create and operate a page for your business, but if you want to speed things up, then you can invest in Facebook Ads, which is cost-effective as compared to print media. Additionally, these ads allow you to target specific groups, meaning you can reach your intended audience with ease. 
  • Facebook has more impact: Compared to traditional advertising, digital marketing, primarily Facebook videos, are much more effective in converting a viewer into a customer, which makes it a better option. You are also able to track these conversions and make adjustments to your ads as needed.
  • Facebook has more reach: Facebook is the largest social media platform as of now with 1.1 Billion monthly active users, so your business can grow leaps and bounds if you utilise Facebook as a marketing tool the right way.

Having discussed the merits of Facebook over other forms of media and how it can help your clinic marketing strategy, let’s dive deep into how you can create Facebook videos that can convert a viewer into a patient.

How Can I Create Engaging Facebook Videos for My Clinic?

The main idea of making a video in the first place is to market your service to your target audience. The target audience is crucial because a person sitting in Nigeria will do little to no good for your clinic in Singapore. 

If not done correctly, your efforts for a clinic marketing strategy may prove to be ineffective. 

Quality Over Quantity

The first and the most important tip is that you should not be trading the quality of your video message with the number of videos posted. Please remember that more videos do not necessarily equate to more growth or reach. The quality you portray in those few seconds will represent the quality and professionalism of your clinic to a new viewer and potential patient. If you struggle to produce a worthy video yourself, seeking professional help is recommended as it can help you in the long term.

Paying attention to details such as lighting and framing can do wonders for the quality of your video. Additionally, a good script that accurately conveys your message quickly and directly will help capture your target audience’s attention. 

Draw Viewers in With a Good Introduction

Take note that the users on Facebook have a shorter attention span due to the rise of short videos. Hence the first ten seconds of your videos are the most crucial, and they will determine if you have gained or lost a viewer. 

Grab your audience’s attention from the beginning by showing or telling them an exciting fact – try to ensure it is both interesting and informative. It all depends on your creativity in how you use the first few seconds to hook the viewers.

Educate, Entertain, Engage

Think of them as the three golden E’s towards excelling at the content game. Whenever you think of making a video, ask yourself why someone would spend time watching my video when a million others are present? 

Then work to ensure that your video educates, entertains, and engages all at once. By doing so, your video will be worth watching. Once you’ve managed to capture your target audiences attention, you have a higher chance of gaining a conversion from viewer to a patient in need of your services. 

Remember Your Call-To-Action (CTA)

Each video you create should have a purpose. The purpose of your video can be either getting your viewers to like your video or page, or having them schedule an appointment with your clinic. 

However, to do all this, you need to remind your audience what you want them to do in simple, clear words because a good video starts with the end in mind. That is why having a call to action is essential and should not be forgotten.

Make it Memorable

The bonus tip we want to give you is that the video you create should be worth remembering and sharing. 

This is important because if people remember your video, they will be more familiar with your brand the next time they see your advertisement or clinic, and hence, they will be more likely to seek services from you. 


Now that we have taken you through the various steps of successfully utilising Facebook videos, we hope you have a better idea of what is needed. 

Video marketing is the future, and those who adapt early can reap the benefits faster. Video has the power to reach an audience to a much greater level, whereas the other forms may lack in terms of creating a connection between you and the viewer. 

To use video effectively in your marketing strategy, you should focus on making it look professional, making it attractive, especially in the first few seconds, ensuring it is entertaining, and most importantly, making it memorable.