5 Easy Ways to Impress & Build a Bond with your Patients

One of the easiest ways to impress your patients and be a reputable clinic is to offer their patients both comfort and excellent customer service. Highlighting your ethics and expertise while providing quality services will help you build a bond with your patients and achieve customer trust and loyalty.

From the time each patient steps into your clinic, through treatment and aftercare, each step of the patient’s experience should be carefully arranged.

Medical Customer Service Tips 

#1 Keep your Patients Happy in the Waiting Room

Keep Patients Happy, Impress Patients

Nobody wants to be sick. Therefore, nobody enjoys a long wait to see a doctor. Impress your patients and keep them happy by giving them a little something. Beverage vouchers, such as Starbucks vouchers, can help put a smile on your patient’s face. A small gesture on your part can go a long way to showing that you care about your patients.

#2 A ‘Get Well Soon’ Bouquet 

Bouquet, Get Well Soon

Make your patient feel special by sending them flowers or a wellness hamper when they are hospitalised or have undergone surgery. Include a handwritten note, expressing your well wishes. There’s nothing more personal and thoughtful than their doctor showing them that they care. Plus, a bright bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day. 

#3 Transform your Waiting Room to a ‘Clinic Talking Point”

Impress Your Patients

Waiting rooms are a significant pain point in the patient experience. Here’s a chance to turn passive wait into active care. Dress up your clinic with attractive and useful information about the other services that you offer. 

For instance, a patient who has visited you for a knee procedure may also be interested in having a bone density test done. Showcasing all your services is the best way to create awareness, so your patients know what else is available to them.

#4 Create a WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group, Healthcare

As mentioned, creating a personal bond with patients is essential. What better way to form such a bond than by setting up a WhatsApp group for patients to reach out to you about any enquiries they may have. Impress your patients by going the extra mile for them. 

It could be a simple pre-surgery concern or advice they need while recovering from surgery. This essential communication tool will make your patients feel safe while feeling closer and better connected to you.

#5 Build a Warm Vibe

Build a Warm Vibe, Impress Patients

Clinics can be a cold and nerve-wracking place as anxiety runs high. There’s nothing more comforting than a warm welcome into a clinic. Counter staff can get the ball rolling, by greeting and welcoming patients into the clinic. 

Next, get up and personally invite patients into the consultation room. Say ‘thank you’ to your patients expressing your gratitude for choosing you, and trusting you. 

Include a ‘thank you’ line in your letterheads and invoices that they receive. Lastly, counter staff should thank patients and let them know how they can best contact you if they have any questions. A simple – “Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help you.”, can go a long way to making patients feel good. 

In Summary

It is important to build a connection with your patients. Being ill and needing medical care isn’t a pleasant experience. However, you can strive to make your patients feel at ease through simple gestures.